Results From the Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush (Ongoing Cleanse)

I recently carried out what’s known as the “Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush,” which is a holistic way of clearing gallstones out of your liver and will be sharing my results and documenting future cleanses in this post.

As a disclaimer, I consider what I did a personal experiment informed by research I conducted on the Internet and from my personal library of books, and do not recommend you try any of the suggestions below unless you are certain of what you are doing and take full responsibility of your actions.

I am closer to a lunatic than a studied doctor, so none of the below is medical advice and you should always consult your intuition (and probably your doctor, too) before carrying out any experiments or “cleanses” on your body.

Below is my line of reasoning, history, results, and other thoughts from my liver cleanses that I am writing for both record-keeping and to spread awareness about the value of seeing better health (not to prove that the following is healthy for the body).

The Premise—why cleanse the liver?

The premise behind the Amazing Liver Flush is simple: the liver, like other parts of the body, builds up an excess of waste over the years that requires extra effort to clean out.

The risks of carrying this dead weight for so long may result in sickness or other ill-effects to the body, and anybody interested in their general well-being and longevity ought to consider taking proactive measures to protect such an important organ.

The main objective of this cleanse is to rid the liver of a buildup of gallstones, which to my understanding are a combination of hardened bile and fatty deposits that collect as “stones” which are stored in the liver.

After searching for solutions to the discomfort under the right side of my ribs cage (the location of the liver) and my over a year long of eating a higher fat and lifetime of fried foods, I concluded that gallstones are the most likely cause and I should attempt a liver cleanse to relieve my symptoms as they become more burdensome in my life.

Liver Flush Research

After some quick research, I stumbled onto a blog post with the simple title of How to Flush Out Your Gallstones where I found the reference to Andreas Moritz’ The Amazing Liver Cleanse.

The blog post is a good introduction to what the cleanse entails but is incomplete compared to Moritz’ instructions and other references I later found. Still, it opened my eyes to the simplicity of the flush and is worth a mention as part of my journey.

Learning more about Andreas Moritz (notice I have not said “Dr.”) led me to an authoritative collection of material about the liver cleanse—his signature work—and hundreds of testimonials from people who have claimed to do the cleanse (and successive cleanses) themselves with positive results.

I recommend the following talk show interview where Moritz describes the function of the liver, how gallstones collect and slow down the liver, why removing the gallbladder is a mistake, how to flush gallstones, and other valuable insights into how the body works:

The last bit of reading I did on this flush came from Jeff Primack’s Conquering ANY Disease book. While his method slightly differs from the instructions laid out by Moritz, I was further sold on the validity of the flush concept as Primack’s work has been influential on me after attending his Qi Revolution event in Orlando, FL in June 2019.

The Liver Flush Ingredients

My particular liver flush is a combination of the research from Moritz and Primack and took place over two days. Day one was for preparation, and day two was when the actual flush kicked in.

Moritz recommends at least six days of preparation by eating apples and drinking apple or cherry juice to produce more bile in the liver, but I only drank apple juice on day one for my first cleanse. For future cleanses I will do the extended preparation for better results now that I understand the process from firsthand experience.

The first question that was asked when I told a friend about the liver cleanse was “how much does it cost?” and the great thing about it is an inexpensive procedure.

There is no expensive powder or questionable concoction, the only ingredients involved are:

  • Apples/apple juice
  • 2-3 grapefruits (hand-squeezed into 6oz of juice)
  • Olive oil (4oz)
  • Epsom salt
  • Mineral water

I also used the following kitchen equipment to prepare the flush:

  • Cutting knife + cutting board
  • Measuring cup
  • Kitchen Strainer
  • Blender Bottle

The simplicity of these ingredients is what made this cleanse even more alluring to me, but do not underestimate the effects they will have on your body. Though all simple and organic ingredients, they pack a punch in the context of a liver flush.

The Liver Flush Method

As previously stated, you will want at least one day to prepare where you will not eat anything but eat apples and drink water when you are hungry. It is important to relax and set aside two full days where you are mostly sedentary, close to a toilet (mostly for day two), and are above all free from any stress. You don’t have to worry about the latter part, anyway, because you can always rely on Legacy Healing centres with its stress management therapies.

The Liver flush is a service to your body, and if you are one of those people who has a hard time relaxing just remind yourself that you are doing something you believe will help you body be more healthy and that you will storm back into the world refreshed when you are done.

Here is the schedule I followed for my first Liver Flush:

Day One: Friday

I woke up at 7:00am and carried out a normal day with the exception of only drinking apple juice and water.

6:00pm: Drink 1 glass of cold mineral water with 1tbs of Epsom salt

8:00pm: Drink 1 glass of cold mineral water with 1tbs of Epsom salt

9:30pm: Begin creating juice mixture

  1. Hand squeeze two grapefruits for 6oz of juice into measuring cup
  2. Pour juice through kitchen strainer into Blender Bottle to remove pulp
  3. Pour 4oz olive oil into Blender Bottle
  4. Shake well for 30 seconds and store in refrigerator

10:00pm: After finishing nightly routine and preparing for sleep, drink entire juice blend at once and immediately lay down on back with pillow beneath your head, do not move for 30 minutes and try not to get up at all until morning. This is important as most of the important work is done while your body is at rest.

Day Two: Saturday

6:00am: Wake up and drink another glass of water with 1tbs of Epsom salt. Go back to sleep if you’d like.

8:00am: Drink the final glass of water with 1tbs of Epsom salt

From this time on, go for a light walk or perform any kind of movements that loosen your body up. The objective now is to use the bathroom and make a large bowel movement—most likely you will experience diarrhea from the oil but it was not painful in my experience.

Liver Flush Results

If your body accepted the Liver Flush (whichever process you came up with) you should see a mixture of red, white, and green flakes (or chunks) in the toilet from your bowel movements.

The large green stones are what you are really looking for, and it is not uncommon to pass hundreds of them in a single day depending on how many your body has stored over the years.

For the rest of the day you will want to continue relaxing and stay close to the bathroom. Whenever you think your body is ready to flush again, listen and allow it to cleanse itself. The last thing you want is for these newly released stones to sit where they do not belong.

Later into the second day after your body has removed so much waste and gallstones you should start to feel slight euphoria. Enjoy this fleeting feeling while it lasts because in a day or two gallstones that were previously pushed to the back of the liver should start to make their way back towards the front.

It is likely that the flush will need to be done multiple times to get the majority of the stones released from your body.

At the time of this writing I have only completed one successful live flush and am still determining the best time to do my second flush after giving the body enough rest. The flush was more intensive on the body (not painful) than I thought, so I will be less inclined to rush through the cleanse and instead take my time on the next ones.

An interesting point that Andreas Moritz made in the video above (to put it simply and unscientifically) is that once the liver has seen it is possible to flush stones, it will start pushing older stones towards the exit, which can cause a buildup if not flushed. So it seems advisable that once you start with one flush, you must continue until you are sure most if not all gallstones have been flushed out of your liver.

To be Continued

While I consider my first Liver Flush successful as I passed close to 100 (maybe more) gallstones, I am convinced I still have more flushing to do and am not experiencing full relief of my symptoms as mentioned at the top of this article. I will update this post in the future with results from my next flush, once I determine when that will be, and hopefully will have a better conclusion to share once that happens. Until then I have ordered Andreas Moritz’ The Amazing Liver Flush which will arrive in a few days which should give me the knowledge I need to listen for when my body is ready for round two.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and none of this should be taken as medical advice. No statements here have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and have been documented for the author’s own historical records. Should you conduct similar activities from the information shared in this post, you are doing so under your own free will with the understanding there are risks involved that the author of this post is not responsible for.

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