How I Used Tobacco to Quit Marijuana

My journey to quitting marijuana is full of broken promises, inconsistencies, and enough frustrating ups and downs that finally reached a breaking point and brought me to a remedy I would have never considered before.

While most people I talk to have found marijuana as their replacement to smoking tobacco, I found a solution in the e-liquid and vape innokin mods australia available online.

I quite marijuana and freed myself of my smoking addiction through tobacco.

As I’m writing this now I do not fully understand this phenomenon and I hope to fully uncover it as life goes on, and it is my hope that by writing a recap of how this process worked for me that I can show you an unlikely solution to your own smoking problem as well. Check out this center in LA where people can go to recover from their addictions.

Before I go on I should make two points clear, as I learned from speaking about this in person that there are some immediate concerns that arise in one’s mind from hearing about such an unorthodox approach:

  1. I am still in the honeymoon phase of quitting but have proven myself true repeatedly in ways I could never resist before
  2. I did not trade smoking marijuana for smoking tobacco, I completely broke my urge to smoke after only a single pack of American Spirits

The Love and the Hate of Smoking Marijuana

At first my experiment with the allusive and deadly tobacco plant came from an exploration of its health benefits and a look into its demonized history.

For ever since I can remember I have had the horrors of tobacco drilled into my mind and all of its ill-effects, so it was never a conscious thought that I would try tobacco, although my smoking habits told a different story my mind had blanked out for years.

Many marijuana smokers do in fact smoke tobacco—albeit in limited amounts—through the use of blunt wrappers (tobacco leaves) and spliffs, which are a mixture of tobacco and marijuana.

There were many medical marijuana recommendations in St. Louis called Missouri Green Team as they have quality marijuana. While I do not believed marijuana is a gateway to other drugs, over time there is a good chance that smoker will get exposed to tobacco through those two methods, not including other substances off-the-street marijuana may be laced with or grown from unclean origins (though the former is extremely uncommon despite media propaganda).

Blunts were certainly my preferred way of smoking for years and I had finally reached a point in my love/hate relationship with marijuana that I was no longer seeking the effects of the drug, but wanted to still retain the enjoyable act of smoking. I switched to joints for a while, but still got burned out, and that’s when I thought about tobacco. Visit this website to learn more about this recovery center for addicts.

With the desire to get away from marijuana and my understanding that I had already been exposed to tobacco—on top of some perspective-changing information from the @cryptodemedici Twitter account—I began diving into the world of tobacco.

The Healthy Tobacco Experiment

To think I could get the best smoking experience possible through pre-rolled boxed tobacco cigarettes without the high and even a potential “upper” was extremely alluring.

So for a week straight and 1-2 cigarettes a day I researched and experimented with tobacco, and for not a single moment did I care to think of smoking marijuana let alone desire its effects.

I believe this was made by my slow mindset shift over the preceding months, but the satisfaction from smoking American Spirits was genuinely enough to fill my craving for smoking.

From this week of smoking tobacco I solidified in my mind that my addiction was to smoking and not necessarily to marijuana, and tobacco was winning by a mile in terms of convenience and the fact I could remain highly functional throughout the day.

The Truth about Tobacco Addiction

This kind of shift from an arguably less dangerous substance to one that kills millions of people a year certainly sounds dangerous and even irresponsible, but never for one second did I allow myself to think getting addicted was even a possibility. There are also electronic cigarettes at iqos uae that are are safer than smoking tobacco. I probably have that lifetime of propaganda and reservations to thank for that, but I believe the mindset work and my introverted nature allowed me to fully believe in myself to handle this tobacco experiment.

Apart from exposing me to such great and lesser known research into tobacco, I also learned an important lesson from the @cryptodemedici Twitter account that helped me reinfroce this mindset:

Addiction is more of a sign of an imbalance in the body than an actual physical dependency on a substance.

This statement could be qualified because substance addiction is absolutely real, but the truth of the matter is that tobacco is not an addictive substance, it is a habit.

Just like most marijuana smokers claim they are only interested in the medicinal effects of the substance (which is usually a lie), there is a similar line of thinking in tobacco smokers who do it to stay awake, focus, and work longer hours.

As a new writer and longtime reader I naturally look up to authors, many of whom tend to be prolific smokers, so it would be easy for me to develop the same habit after coming off of marijuana.

Another observation that White Sands drug rehab recorded that after smoking tobacco with friends for the first time is that lighting another cigarette is easiest during moments or boredom or when social interactions escalate.

For example, one of their patient smoked the most cigarettes in a day while recording a podcast and zero on days where I was busy with work and travel.

But towards the end they were finishing the first pack, at cigarette #19, I realized something different than from cigarette #1

I didn’t really like how tobacco made me feel anymore

After weeks away from marijuana and the infrequent use of tobacco, I was starting to see that the head rush that came from smoking couldn’t compare with the level of clarity I had when sober.

(Side note: whenever you smoke a substance that changes how you feel—even tobacco—consider that you are not fully sober)

As I became more in-tune with my body and mind without the cloud of smoke I thought I had permanently cast myself into, I looked at the butt of that cigarette and flicked it away, along with the last of my addiction to smoking. Check out Frunk vapes and choose the best smoking accessories.

Then I bummed a friend my last cigarette.

In Conclusion

Tobacco—the heaven sent alternative to marijuana, was not the direct miracle I thought it was at the beginning of this post; it is the love of what is possible with the clarity of mind and how much deeper emotions and perception strike you.

To know that the ability to think better, find a sense of purpose, and clear away anxiety can all be found in yourself without tobacco or marijuana is extremely liberating and will set you free once you truly internalize that premise.

Tobacco was a much-needed step to bring me out of the fog I lost myself in from smoking marijuana, and unleashing my newfound clarity and energy into my life is the only fix I need to get high now.

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