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The Art of Business

An important business lesson I have recently internalized is that not every project is an art project that needs to achieve some higher purpose, but a straightforward end result that won’t explode on impact. This realization has increased my income, productivity, and made my art that much sweeter.

“Check your premises—If you seem to be confronting a contradiction, then at least one of your relevant beliefs is false.”

It is vital that words like “psychopath” and “narcissist” are reserved for those true chance encounters and are not lazily attributed to anybody who favors their position over your own.

To dilute such words can make you miss important cues and leave you in dangerous situations.

It’s not economical

is something we say to justify spending less of our own money to the expense of the actual economy.

Why not tip the delivery driver an extra $10 for saving you nearly an hour of your otherwise billable time?

Why not buy the {slightly more expensive but usable thing}?

“It’s not economical.”

It is not economical to cheapen the economy, which is the value people hold each other to.

Of course this is only true when your (billable) time is not worth much, which is why it has become “economical” to save rather than earn.

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How does one have a life when there is so much still to build? For years nothing has mattered more than my software company, and I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel on where I need to go to get what I want. In pursuit of a quality that the first-movers of my market have ignored, the breakthrough moment with MD is hard to imagine but is on its way so long as I stick to the goal and build my way into the light. There are sites starting all over the web that should be on my software, but are not because I am still in the dust building something that will outlast and make an impact deeper than offering the shiniest tools. One day..

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Atlas Shrugged

by Ayn Rand

Completely enthralled by this book. Will report back soon.

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Read: November 2018

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by Walter Isaacson

Being a genius always sounded appealing to me so I read this book to study one. He played the violin, worked a desk job while working on his theories, walked with the best, and even ended up in Princeton – close to where I grew up.

I took more time understanding his personality and strange life scenarios than I did deep scientific research, but my favorite stories about Einstein came from my grandmother who used to see him walking on the Princeton campus.