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Fear of death distress a man with a guilty conscience but a man with a good witness within himself longs for death as for life. Count no man truly wise who, because of this temporal life, enslaves his mind to timidity and fear.

– St. Isaac the Syrian

I’ve been working out again and the effects have been immediate. I can literally feel the blood flow in my brain and I am not concerned that is a sign of a stroke. Wondering if this rediscovered body high will help me stay consistent and clear my thoughts to write more, let’s find out.

How has Google been able to get away with the “Hold CMD + Q” to quit Chrome when the universal way to quit apps is simply press CMD + Q? It is a running joke that they are the gold standard of design when they break obvious patterns like this, and Chrome isn’t their only app that has incredibly frustrating design “features.”

The hilarity of this makes it impossible not to share:

“Give a man a program, frustrate him for a day. Teach a man to program, frustrate him for a lifetime.” ~Waseem Latif

“Live in the present and the message of God will come out of you.”
– Jesse Lee Peterson

An unfinished thought


In case you haven’t noticed the world has changed recently and with it one of the most revitalizing surges of opportunity in recent memory.

When businesses around you close, when fear is the strongest smell in the air, and when assumptions require second thoughts you are forced to see the truth about your surroundings to power your convictions.

To see who you are, who others are, who needs help,

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by Walter Isaacson

Being a genius always sounded appealing to me so I read this book to study one. He played the violin, worked a desk job while working on his theories, walked with the best, and even ended up in Princeton – close to where I grew up.

I took more time understanding his personality and strange life scenarios than I did deep scientific research, but my favorite stories about Einstein came from my grandmother who used to see him walking on the Princeton campus.