How to Make Money

An evolving guide that tells you how to make money in this world. I only recommend things I have experience doing, and will occasionally make a slight affiliate commission (as noted) on any products you buy below.

Online Business

  • Start your online business with a self-hosted WordPress site.
  • Promote the Marketers Delight WordPress theme, which is the theme that powers this blog (30% commission)
  • Host websites with SiteGround (affiliate link), who I host my online business and select clients sites
  • Software business. If you have a mind for coding or creating software, the market is wide open for great ideas and committed developers. I primarily sell WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Build an email list—it is the most timeless and secure way to stay in contact with people from all over the world. The best marketing tool I’ve used to stay in business for years. I recommend MailChimp.

Earn Cryptocurrency

  • Join Coinbase (affiliate link) to buy and trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other currencies.
  • Earn up to $50 of Stellar Lumens (XLM) (affiliate link) by watching videos and answering simple quiz questions.
  • Sell products online for crypto—a great way to accumulate Bitcoin without investing cash. I connect the Blockonomics payment gateway to WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Donate! Don’t be afraid to ask.If you like my work, any Bitcoin donations will go great towards my future.
    My wallet address: 383nKbeWfLyNyqR6hyHxeX4mvNSoeGGHgf

Real Estate / Odd Jobs

  • Create Airbnb listings (affiliate link) to earn money with real estate you don’t own or use an empty space in your house/property to rent as short term rental.
  • Flip furniture and other items on Craiglist or Facebook. I recommend this if you have a pickup truck, but my friend Dylan’s Craiglist Profits ebook will show you how to thrive in any situation.
  • Help your friends move but do not do it for free, and preferably after they have already packed.

Recommended Products

  • Gorilla Mind Rush. For the days where I want to take my productivity levels, focus, and social endurance to the next level. I personally recommend 2-3 times a month max.