Oh, dear Beatrixe. I saw you see me, and that was enough to tell me everything through the noise. Walking past you was my first reply, embodying the city below me was my next. I didn’t have a plan when I grabbed your wrist, and that’s why you loved it.

Hi, I said. I can’t dance, you said. You told me your name, I didn’t hear you. I told you I had no girlfriends, you didn’t believe me. Why doesn’t anybody else dance? We danced for them because this floor is ours and you mine.

I still don’t hear your name. You said you like tall guys. Is that what Spanish girls like? Your lips burned all the fire of the night into mine, and I swept you across the bar because I could. Your friends don’t understand and rush us from behind. You are too attractive for them anyways. Now they insist you leave with them, and you can’t say no.

When I finally whip it out you are amazed. Is that T9? You hadn’t seen a flip phone since High School, so you write your name. Beatrixe. You didn’t mean to spell it like that but now I have something to work with. You pressed your lips to mine and were gone. It took you longer to write your name.

My friends swore they never saw you but they are just like your friends. I saw you again on the street and you rushed me for another kiss; strangers we never were as strange we are to strangers.

Even though you didn’t remember me the next day our night was always meant to be. I know how to spell your name and you know I was just a passionate passerby. Your number was promptly deleted.

My thoughts delivered

What can I say about running a business?

When the good times are going, there’s not much that can knock you off from that “top of the world” feeling.

Money coming in, customers are happy, and you’ve built something your proud of. It just doesn’t get much better than that.

Conversely, it doesn’t get much worse than waking up one day realizing that everything you built is gone; realizing that you could have done something to prevent it.

But this isn’t about regrets and this isn’t about living in the past. A business isn’t built on what worked in the past but on how it innovates for the future. This was a tough lesson for me to learn because for most of my career, I knew nothing but success after success.

Maybe that’s why it took me so long to get a damn clue.

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My Programming Style

Programming is getting more complex than ever. Stacks upon stacks, bible-length style guides, and compilers that turn human readable code into robot code. As the programming world around me gets more complex, I find my own code becoming more basic than ever.

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CBD Isolate is extracted from CBD plants and other plants containing CBD. This extract is used in an extraction process that extracts the main constituent of the plant, such as CBD. Typically, an extract is purified from the plant to remove the non-psychoactive CBD and THC. Then, the remaining components are isolated and the extract is evaporated and then the solvent is converted back to a liquid so that it can be used in its liquid state.

There are many different CBD isolates from which to choose. Some are called CBD esters while others are called CBD sup-lates. When choosing isolate CBD oil, you have many different options.

Because of the complexity of the topic, this article will only discuss CBD isolates that contain the highest amount of CBD and total cannabinoid content. According to the reports from studies and experts, the most ideal CBD isolate will contain around 80 percent to 90 percent of the total amount of CBD and not less than 0.6 percent of the total THC. To verify this value, do a web search on the name of the product and look for the word “pure” or “100 percent pure.” This way, you can always know for sure which isolate you are purchasing. When selecting CBD isolates, keep the following factors in mind. Other CBDs. There are numerous other compounds found in the CBD plants that can be extracted into CBD isolate. Some of these compounds are also active in the body, but can be isolated from CBD isolates. These compounds include: terpenes (tree-like aroma compounds), flavonoids (antioxidants), and other bioactive compounds found in many plants.

Blends. The exact mix of the THC and CBD components varies based on the plant and the method of extraction used to extract the CBD. Two standard examples are: Plant-Based CBD Isolates: The majority of CBD isolates are plant-based. There are several different plant-based isolates in the market today. One of the most popular is “K9 CBD” from Blue Dream. It is a pure CBD extract that has approximately 80 percent CBD, 18 percent THC, and 2.5 percent cannabidiol (CBD) and triacetin (CBD) for good measure. “K9” CBD isolate is popular because it has good CBD content and very little THC. The cannabinoids present in Blue Dream are CBD and triacetin. Other common plant-based CBD isolates include “Weed Flower CBD,” “Passionflower CBD,” “Soy CBD,” “Tetrahydro CBD,” “Kikunige CBD,” “Honeydew CBD,” and others. There are also many other CBD isolate brands and extracts, both natural and synthetic, available today. These natural products vary in composition and they also may have other CBDs. Synthetic Isolates. Synthetic isolates contain a mix of pure, isolated CBD and other compounds.

The benefits of CBD are numerous and seem endless. Your best bet is to see what the experts in the field have to say. With the various CBD-friendly medical practices around, CBD can be used for a number of purposes. It is currently legal for hemp products to contain 0.2% THC (if it has not been processed with the addition of other cannabinoids such as CBD). Even a trace amount of THC can have the same effects as a cannabinoid. Therefore, the question remains – is CBD as safe as cannabis? There have been a number of recent studies highlighting CBD’s therapeutic capabilities. CBD is being used to help treat conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia and epilepsy. In some cases, CBD has been administered topically (topical medication) as well. Given the numerous benefits CBD has been shown to provide, it’s not surprising that it is attracting a lot of attention. Nevertheless, experts have expressed skepticism about the safety of CBD. Since hemp isn’t the same plant as cannabis, there is a wide range of concerns. Here are just a few of the problems CBD is believed to pose: CBD is actually CBD. The only difference between CBD and CBD products is that the latter contains higher amounts of other cannabinoids as well.

The main difference between the two is that CBD products contain a ratio of 7:1 ratio of THC:CBD. That is, CBD extract is 99.7% pure CBD. The reason CBD products have such a higher ratio is that the following cannabinoids are retained in CBD products: The overall medicinal benefits of CBD are derived from the overall pharmacological effect of these cannabinoids. Many of these cannabinoids have numerous other uses besides their ability to relieve symptoms. For example, an excess of THC could lead to dangerous behavior such as paranoia. This is why the standard ratio for extracting CBD (4:1 ratio) has been created. The breakdown of CBD is generally known as: The biggest worry for a wide variety of health professionals is whether CBD is considered safe. There is, of course, a simple answer to this question – it depends. The answer will vary depending on the individual. The same can be said about the underlying cause of the problem.

What are your main concerns regarding CBD? Is CBD safe? If so, how safe is it, and what are your recommendations for avoiding adverse events or reactions? This is the time for you to take a deep breath and think about your health and your treatment options. If you can think of any negative factors, then you may be choosing the wrong medicine. Remember, to truly get the best benefits from CBD, it is best to choose a product that is designed with your needs in mind. Always consult a physician before administering any medication to help you determine if CBD is safe for you. Some physicians recommend a low dose for starters. Many may also recommend several weeks of treatment before reaching any conclusions.

Once upon a time I was a prolific writer. Released from the prison cells of High School, I rushed to my room and wrote for hours. Thousands of words a night and countless articles later, I had learned that words could not only create a business, but also a way of life.

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My journey to quitting marijuana is full of broken promises, inconsistencies, and enough frustrating ups and downs that finally reached a breaking point and brought me to a remedy I would have never considered before.

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Aaron Clarey brilliantly uncovers a core problem of my Millennial generation through the lens of corporate business strategy.

A Valueless (Though Highly Profitable) Generation

Millennials are the largest generation alive today.  They are also in that “sweet spot” of being young enough to still be “hippish,” BUT also old enough to make money to spend (well…ok, let’s be honest, BORROW money to spend).  They are  the largest consumer group in the US and the western world both by numbers and dollar volume amount.  They should be the most targeted group of consumers by corporations around the world, and they are.  But for all their youth, numbers, and purchasing power, they have one tragic and horrific flaw.

They are truly valueless.

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Steve Jobs

Read: November 2018

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Steve Jobs

by Walter Isaacson

I think this was the fastest book I ever read when at 18.

Reading about Steve Jobs makes you feel bigger than the world, yet restrained knowing that if nobody sees the imperfections and disorder in your product, you do and you know it. That way you know what to do for the best next time.

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